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Wibsey Roundabout

Gary Roodman in 1996
Round for five couples, historical English style

   A   1-2   Men go forward a double to center of the circle
       3-4   Women go forward a double, WHILE the men fall back
       5-6   Men go forward again and turn to the right, 
             WHILE the women fall back.
       7-12  Men give right hand to partner, 
             turn all the way back to place, 
             and go directly into three changes of rights and lefts 
             (men go cc: R to partner, then L to next then R, then ..)
      13-16  Give left to the next and turn once around.
  B    1-4   Women right hands across once around, back to places.
       5-8   All back to back with current partner 
             (use the usual right shoulder)
       9-12  Making once large ring, everyone to the center and fall back.
      13-16  Face current partner, pass by the right, 
             and two-hand turn with the next.

The tune was composed by O'Carolan and called “Hugh O'Donnell”

WIbsey Roundabout is an English Country Dance devised by Gary Roodman in 1996. It was published in “Sum Further Calculated Figures”. It is a circular 5 couple dance and a mixer.

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