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Playford's Dancing Master in 1701.
Adapted by Cecil Sharp in 1922.
Proper duple minor longways dance.

Al  16  First man crosses to hey w/ 1st &  2nd women, 
        passing 2nd by R shoulder (all end home).
A2  16  First lady heys w/ 1st &  2nd men, 
        passing 2nd by L (all end home).
B1   8  First couple cross by R shoulder &  
        go below 2nd couple, who lead up
     8  First couple half figure-8 up through 2nd couple.
B2  16  4 changes of rights &  lefts, starting R hand to partner.

See an animation of this dance

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in the year 501 a Saxon named Port landed at the area of Hampshire later known as Portsmouth with his two sons and killed a young British nobleman. The first docks were established in Portsmouth in 1194 by Richard I. The French burned them in 1369, but it was Henry VII who developed a dockyard there in 1496 from which Portsmouth’s growth began.

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