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Golden Green

Choreography: Philippe Callens, 2011
Tune: Golden Green, Jonathan Jensen, 2011
Formation: Progressive square set. Couples progress one position counterclockwise

A 1-4	Gents dance right shoulder around partner
  5-8	Gents left-hand star in the center, finishing in original places
  9-12	Ladies dance left shoulder around partner
  13-16	Ladies right hand star in the center, finishing in original places
B 1-2	Head Gents set in place
  3-4	Head Gents cross right shoulder
  5-8	Head Gents left-hand turn with opposite lady, once and a half
        (Gents finish facing in, ladies facing out), as sides right-hand star halfway
 	then turn single to the left into opposite places

  9-12	Head Gents left shoulder chevron, as head ladies move clockwise outside
 	the set around the sides into opposite lady's original place (both head
 	Gents and ladies finish their movements slightly outside the square set)

  13-14	Taking hands in a ring of eight, all circle left one quarter
  15-16	Partners turn single, men right, ladies left

Repeat three times (the movement in B, 1-12, is always initiated by the current heads)

A modern English country dance by Philippe Callens, on the occasion of Sharon and David Green's golden wedding anniversary (June 2011), commissioned by their children

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