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(32 BAR reel and jig)
Sicilian Circle ~ Burchenal

A	1-4	Circle left
5-8	Partner swing
9-16	Right and left four, over and back
B	1-8	Ladies' chain, over and back
9-12	In promenade hold with partener: Forward and back
13-16	Still in promenade, couples pass right shoulder to right, face the next

Circassian Circle

RSCDS(Royal Scottish Country Dance Society)
Scottish Country Dance.

A1	1-8	Rights and lefts
A2	1-4	Set twice to partner
5-8	Partner two hand turn
B1	1-8	Open ladies chain, over and back
B2	1-8	Poussette

Circassian Circle

Wilson is an English Country Dance.

A1	1-8	Right and left through, over and back
A2	1-4	Set twice to partner
5-8	Partner two hand turn
B1	1-8	Ladies chain, over and back
B2	1-8	Waltz once and a half around the minor set to face a new couple

Circassian Circle

Circle mixer. Difficulty: 1

   A1:  Into the middle 4 steps and out 4 steps, twice.
   A2:  Women go into middle, clap, and come back out; 
        men do the same, turning to face partner as they come out.
   B1:  All swing with partner, ending facing round the dance.
   B2:  Promenade 8 steps anticlockwise.

If you want to make the dance progressive, in B2 tell the men to pass on to woman in front at end of promenade. Music: 32 bar jigs/reels

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