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Chocolate Round-O

Longways duple minor, improper
Dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1989
Tune: adapted from Purcell 2/2, A minor
Source: Ease & Elegance (Fried de Metz Herman, 1995)

A1   All R-hand turn partner once round; back-to-back partner.
A2   All L-hand turn neighbor; L-shoulder back-to-back neighbor.
B1   All 2-hand turn partner; circle four L halfway; 
     fall back with neighbor, setting R & L.
B2   2s gate 1s up once round; 1s half figure-8 up thru 2s while 
     2s wait, then cross over by R-shoulder.

It is designed to teach basic English country dance figures and transitions, but it makes a perfectly good dance in its own right. It is an improper duple minor longways dance.


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