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   Playford Ball, reconstruction by Pat Shaw
   A1        1-4        1st couple lead through the couple above them and 
                   cast down to place. {at top, lead through an imaginary couple.} 
           5-8         1st couple lead through the couple below them and cast up to place. 
   A2        1-4         1st couple half figure-eight through couple below. 
           5-8         1st couple turn right-hands once around, ending 
                   improper and facing down. 
   B1        1-4         All back-to-back with neighbors. 
           5-8         All turn two-hands with neighbors. 
           1-4         Partners back-to-back. 
   B2        5-8         1st couple turn two-hands half-way and cast down one 
                   place while 2nd couple turn two-hands moving up center one place.
   32-bar duple-minor longways; moderate-easy.
   dance & tune: FeuilletlEssex, 1710; alternate tune, Peirce MS.
   1-8         1s lead up through the 2s above, cast back, 
           lead down through the 2s below and cast back. 
   9-16         1s dance half a figure-8 down through the couple below: 
           partners turn once around by the right, 
           ending with the 1s facing down and the 2s facing up. 
   17-24         Neighbors dos-a-dos, then turn once around with 2 hands. 
   25-32         1s dos a dos (actually, 2s can do it as well); 
           then 1s turn halfway around with 2 hands and cast off (2s move up).
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