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The Bonny Cuckoo (4-couple longways set) Music: “Sheebeg, Sheemore” by Turloch O'Carolan

   Dance by Gail Ticknor, Tune in triple time by Carolan;
   published in The Blind Harper Dances
   A Cpl 1 dance down ctr past 2 cpls, cast up one place (2s moving up); Cpl 1 cross by RH and change places by LH with nbr below;
   A 4th couple does similar (start up ctr., etc.) Order of the set is now 2-4-3-1)
   B Hands 8, circle L; balance in and out; release hands, W balance in & out (moving R), while M balance out & in (moving L to change places with neighbor)
   B Hands 8, circle R; balance, partners 2-hand turn to end proper (2-3-4-1) Repeat 3x
   THE BONNYCUCKOO 4 Co Longways  (Gail Ticknor) 1996?
   A        1-4        1st Co lead down middle below 3rd Co, 
                   & cast up round 3rd Co to 2nd place, 
                   2nd Co moving up;
           5-8         1st Co cross Rh (2 bars), then pass Lh 
                   with 3rd Co on sides:
           9-12         4th Co lead up middle above 3rd Co (in 2nd place), 
                   & cast down round 3rd Co into 3rd place, 
                   1st Co moving down;
           13-16         4th Co cross Rh (2 bars), then pass Lh with 3rd Co 
                   on sides: (Set is now 2 - 4 impr.- 3 - 1 impr.)
   B         I-8         Hands 8 to L (4 bars), all balance forward & back, 
                   then We balance forward & back moving one 
                   place to R as Men balance back & forward moving one place to L:
           9-16         Hands 8 to R (4 bars), all balance forward & back, 
                   then partners 2 hands turn to own sides 
                   (1st & 3rd Co's turn once round as 2nd & 4th Co's turn 
                   1/2 way & fall back). 
                   Repeat dance thrice.
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