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Gary Roodman
Duple Minor Longways Improper
Historical English Style

Al 1-2 Face Nbr and set R&L.
   3-4 With Nbr, gypsy 3/4 until M are back to back in the
       center of a line of four across the set (facing Nbr)
   5-8 WEAVE: M pass Nbr by the R and loop R into 1st
       corner places (do not cross), while W weave across
       the set into 2nd corner places (big loops, plenty of time).

                                M2 Wi

                                W2 Mi

A2 1-4 M cross on the corners; then W cross.
   5-8 WI, circling L, lead your foursome around and out
       into a line of four facing down. [This is the smile.]

                       ↓  M1 W2 M2 W1 ↓

B1 1-4 Lines of 4 go down the hall and fall back.
   5-8 GATES: End people gate the middles around and
       back into major lines.
B2 1-4 With Ptr, 2HT once around and end facing Nbr.
   5-8 Beginning with Nbr, do three changes of a circular
       hey (no hands).

MUSIC: “Giga” by A. Corelli, from Sonata in B* Major, Op. 6, No. 11.

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