Playford's Progeny

Playford's Progeny wiki is a vast collection of dance material assembled by John Nash and other club members. It includes:

  • general information about English and Contra dances
  • dance instructions for most dances we have danced and some we haven't
  • a list of all the dances we have danced since Sep/2008
  • a list of available CD recordings of English Country Dance music
  • general information for club callers

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English Country Dance Videos

Newcastle English Country Dancers - Lullling Beyond Thee
Sun Assembly's 2007 Spring DanceFest - Jack's Health
Black Nag, caroso1581 - instructions right out? of the Playford - performed in former Cistercian monastery in Kostanjevica (Slovenia)

Musicians & Callers

  • David Millstone guest caller at Spring Special May 3rd 2013
  • Nils Fredland (on facebook) guest caller at Spring Special Apr 5th 2013
  • Crowfoot guest musicians at Spring Special Apr 5th 2013 and booked for A Trip To Ottawa 2013
  • Sharon Green, guest caller at Nov 9 & 10th 2012 Trip To Ottawa.
  • David Smukler, guest caller at Jan 6th 2011 dance, March 2010 Evening Social, Cross Pollination Workshop and other events
  • Paul Ross guest caller at Trip to Ottawa 2011
  • Karen Axelrod & Naomi Morse featured musicians at Trip to Ottawa 2011
  • Gene Murrow, guest caller at Nov 2010 A Trip to Ottawa
  • Fine Companions, musicians at our May We Dance ball, May 2009, and Nov 2010 A Trip to Ottawa
  • Orly Krasner, guest caller at 2009 May We Dancebio, scroll 3/4 down.

Other Local Dance Clubs

ECD near Ottawa

ECD not so close to Ottawa

General Interest

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