A Trip to Ottawa


Following a slightly different format from previous years guest caller, Beverly Francis, called the dance Friday to music by a local band, Quite Carried Away, lead by Milan Skubnik.

At the Saturday Workshops and Ball Beverly called with guest band The Flying Romanos.

Finally on Sunday following brunch The Flying Ramanos played at the Dance-down with local callers John, June, Mary & Sara.

Beverly's Dance Program (here) and all dances (here)

Check back next week for more photos (and hopefully fix the green cast on videos).


"Trip to Ottawa" from year

Callers & Musicians

Trip_To_Ottawa_2017 photo
Photographer ~ Edward Hearn

Friday's, Welcome, dance called by Beverly Francis with local band Quite Carried Away

Trip_To_Ottawa_2017 photo
Photographer ~ Wendy Jermyn

Saturday Workshops and Ball were called by Beverly Francis with The Flying Romanos.

The Flying Romanos also played at Sunday Dance Down (not shown) with local callers John Nash, Mary Williams (Ball Chair), Sara Lawson, & June Harman (OECDC President).

The Ball

The Dressed Ship

Saint Martin's Lane

Adson's Saraband

The Hop Ground

Room for Ramblers

Mister Isaac's Maggot

Friday Welcome Dance

Prince George's Birthday

Sunday Dance-down

The Homecoming

Hand in Hand

Highway 7

Irfona's Waltz